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Swell Season Saratoga Suicide Show

Posted by on August 20, 2010 at 4:13 PM EST

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Saratoga, California, a man dies from apparent suicide at a The Swell Season’s concert.

News is quickly circulating through the veins of the Internet that a man committed suicide last night, August 19th, at “The Swell Season’s” show, which was held in Saratoga, California.

Sgt. Rick Sung says: “the man left a friend in the audience around 10 p.m. and soon appeared on a roof that covers the stage. Witnesses say he jumped off the roof and landed on stage near the band’s lead singer Glen Hansard.”

In response to the tragedy at the concert, band members of “The Swell Season” released this statement to Hot Press: “The band, crew and all involved with them are shocked and saddened by the unfortunate events of last night. Their hearts go out to the victim and his friends and family.”

Kyle Rivers, an audience member at the Swell Season show told local papers: “I saw him standing there on the edge of the roof, I thought it was a part of the act, and then he took off running and jumped, did a couple of flips and landed on the stage. It was pretty traumatic.”

Can you imagine being a member at this concert, witnessing a man plummeting to his death? I can just see it being replayed over and over in my head. I wonder if the band is going to offer psychiatric treatment to all of their fans that saw this nut job jump to his death.

While it is tragic that someone took his or her life, suicide is still not an option. If your life is that hard, I am sure there is someone out there that will talk to you and help you through it.

We send our condolences to the family and friends that this guy so selfishly left behind.

Before you plummet to your death from atop a roof at your local concert, please visit the Suicide Prevention Website to get help. While you may think it will solve all of your problems, suicide is not the answer.


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