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Taylor Swift Draws Young Crowd With Live Web Chat

Posted by on July 21, 2010 at 4:14 PM EST

taylor swift speak nowTaylor Swift draws young crowd with live web chat.

In an online event yesterday that has been talked about for weeks, Taylor Swift hit the web via live web chat. Hours before the live event, fans hit their social networking sites and began spamming the chat window linked to the Swift live feed.

With about 30 minutes or so remaining before the live web chat began, it was clear that every 10-14 year old that was out for summer vacation was logged in and spewing off non-sense.

Taylor Swift finally appeared on screen via web cam and the Taylor Swift teenybopper frenzy began. Questions varied from “Would you ever date Justin Bieber?,” “Is Justin Bieber cute?” and someone even asked, “What is your favorite fast food?”

I logged into the Ustream account I made and from the time I hit the submit button on my question to Taylor, to the time it submitted to the comment box, I was on page 71 of the comments. I guess with 65,000+ viewers tuning it to chat with Taylor Swift, getting your question answered was slim to none.

Among all of the ridiculous questions, some fans did actually have some semi-decent questions. Taylor fielded questions on her upcoming new album release “Speak Now” and officially announced an October 25th release date. Swift also let fans know that her new single ‘Mine’ off the “Speak Now” album will be released in August.

In addition to talking about her new album, Taylor let fans know how excited she is to own her new house and how much she really appreciates all the fans and their support.

All in all, the Taylor Swift Live Web Chat was a bit chaotic with 65,000 rabid fans trying to ask questions at the same time. I do feel that the overall goal of the Web Chat was achieved as some fans did get their questions answered and we all found out new of her new album.

Be sure to catch Taylor Swift’s new single ‘Mine’ which will be released in August and grab her brand new studio album “Speak Now”, which hits shelves October 25th.



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