Justin Bieber Cut-Outs

Looking For Justin Bieber Cutouts?

Below are some recently available Justin Bieber cutouts of your choice to enjoy Bieber Fever in your own bedroom. This is for the serious Bieber fan who has everything, imagine having your very own cutout in your bedroom! Best of all they are super affordable and very popular, check out the different ones we’ve found online.

Just Bieber Black Jacket Cut Out
Cut-Out Of Justin Wearing Black Hoodie:

This cutout stands at 70 inches tall of Justin wearing black pants, black shoes, and a black hoodie. A little bieber black on black on black action for you! The width is 26 inches, so total dimensions are 70x27x70. It weighs approximately 4 lbs for shipping purposes.

Justin Bieber Red Pants Cut Out
Justin Cut-Out Wearing Red Pants:

This cut out also stands at 70 inches, a full 5’10", which makes this the ultimate life-size beiber cutout. In this one he’s wearing a black leather(pleather) jacket with a white under shirt. He also has some rocking red pants on with some old school converse shoes to match. It looks like he’s also an accessorizing little dude with a dog-tag necklace.

Justin White Pants & Jacket:

Like the others this cut-out is also life size at 5ft 10in tall. However in this one he’s rocking a while white outfit with purple highlights. I believe this is a picture taken from one of his iconic live events. This one retails for only around $24.95 which is a pretty good deal as well!

Just Beiber 2 for 1 Cut Out
This 2 for 1 Bieber Cut Out Package:

We found this package which contains 2 cutouts for only $39.99, this is a heck of a deal. Why only buy one when you can double your pleasure with 2 different cutouts with completely different looks.

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