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We Have Concluded Mel Gibson Is Crazy

Posted by on December 5, 2010 at 1:15 PM EST

Mel Gibson is crazyMel Gibson is crazy. No, not like crazy good like he was in the Lethal Weapon movies, but actual batshit crazy. I have this theory that he has always been crazy, but that for years he was able to keep it hidden from us and play it off as him just being a happy go lucky kind of guy who was a little off kilter in all the right ways.

It seems like in recent years that happy go lucky facade has slowly fallen off and he is now exposed as being a guy with some real demons and some deep-seeded issues.

Take for example the hypocrisy of his life. He is so religious that regular churches were not good enough for him. He built his own church where they only spoke Latin. Yet all this time he was cheating on his wife. Then the wall started to crumble a little bit and we saw him get a DUI and flip out. He went on an anti-semitic rant. The phone conversation tapes that were recently released where he verbally attacked his current Ex are even more telling. They show a man who is greatly at odds with himself and filled with hate towards women.

Maybe all this time Gibson has been crazy and now it just grew to the point where it boiled over and the real Mel Gibson has finally made his way out into the public eye. From a business standpoint the question remains: will these issues and all the ugliness that has been in his life affect his new movie The Beaver? His last movie Edge of Darkness was a major flop. This new movie looks a lot less dark, but it still shows Gibson is a guy who is a crazy and that might be a little too much art imitating life for the audience. I have this feeling that if The Beaver is not a big hit Mel Gibson’s days as a movie star are numbered and he has only himself to blame.



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  1. But Hollywierd LOVES CRAZY and the publicity and scandals. They love the tabloids and the public reading all the dirt and stuff. So Mel is doing his part.

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