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Lady GaGa is Jo Calderone

Posted by on July 1, 2010 at 12:41 PM EST

Lady GaGa posed as her alter ego Jo Calderone for Vogue Hommes Japan recently which fueled those pesky hermaphrodite rumors. GaGa’s alter ego has been modeling and is even said to be an “up and coming” handsome male fashion model. In the photos, Lady GaGa seems really relaxed. She appears to be a very convincing male. In Lady GaGa’s March 2010 ‘Telephone’ extended video, she wore only fishnet stockings to prove to the world she didn’t have a penis.

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The big question is, how long will Lady GaGa play the part of Jo Calderone? I hope she goes all the way with it, records an album as Jo, maybe even release a scandalous sex tape. Jo Calderone could possibly earn Lady GaGa another $86 million! She’s got my attention!



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