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Woody Allen Puts Foot in Mouth

Posted by on May 20, 2011 at 2:36 PM EST

woody allenWoody Allen wants to go out with all the women he has casted in his films; where is Soon-Yin?

Woody Allen is a brilliant director and actor, but his real life sometimes appears more exaggerated than the characters he portrays in film. Aside from marrying his sorta adopted daughter, Woody Allen does and says things at times that seem preposterous. Now, Woody Allen has explicitly stated desires to “go out with” all of the leading ladies he puts in his films.

And yes, he is still married to Soon-Yin Previn. In Woody Allen’s own words, “Casting is so awkward…I’m too shy to meet them. I have the women come in and I don’t let them sit down. I make up some questions, but I couldn’t care less about chatting. I only see them to make sure that they haven’t gained 200 pounds or had five face jobs. I want to see that the woman I saw on the DVD is still intact.” Okay, while that’s a bit weird, it’s still somewhat acceptable.

But PopEater reports that Woody Allen went over the line, and also said, “”I have great adoration and lust and interest in all of the women in my films… It would thrill me to go out with all of them.” What would Soon-Yin think? What do you think about Allen’s “lust”?!


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  1. He’s a pedofreak and always has been. This is not news.

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