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Celebrity You’d Meet Before May 21st 2011 Doomsday

Posted by on May 17, 2011 at 6:26 PM EST

taylor swift doomsdayIf May 21st was actually the end of the world, which celebrity would you want to meet?

I think everyone knows my answer; Taylor Swift! Keep in mind that I do NOT believe in the what some call, wacky thoughts of Harold Camping nor do I think that the world is ending on May 21st which is this Saturday. That being said, let’s say that hypothetically the world was going to end, what celebrity would you want to meet before total annihilation? (Remember this is strictly for fun as the world is not actually coming to an end)

For me, I’d pick Taylor Swift because she is such a genuine human being [from what I’ve seen/heard on TV, in the news and in magazines]. I’d be happy if the last person I met before the May 21st doomsday was Swift, no doubt about it. I know everyone has that one celebrity they have always wanted to meet. Don’t be afraid to comment below and let us all know which celebrity you’d choose. Feel free to express your thoughts on the whole end of the world ordeal as well. Do any of you actually believe this nonsense?



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  1. Taylor swift all the way!:D <3

  2. i would love to meet chris brown and taylor swift .you have to love them 🙂 I DO NOT BELIEVE THE MAY 21 AND DEC 21 END OF THE WORLD CRAP WILL HAPPEN. No one really knows. Just go on with life in the big city.! :0

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