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Miley Cyrus 2011 TwitPic Madness (Photos)

Posted by on May 17, 2011 at 3:29 PM EST

miley cyrus 2011Miley Cyrus made her triumphant return to Twitter this year and has been quite the busy rock star.

While out on her Gypsy Heart Tour, Miley Cyrus has been keeping fans up to date and entertained via Twitter. The Disney star has had somewhat of a haunting past via Twitter when she was younger, posting some rather racy photos. Those days are well behind her though as Miley has yet to post a racy photo since her return. [no, braless photos are not racy, get over it]

In honor of Miley Cyrus’ return to Twitter, I figured I would throw together a nice gallery of all the photos tweeted by the star. I will update this TwitPic gallery as Miley posts more images in the future so be sure to check back. You can also follow the artist formerly known as Hannah Montana for updates on her Gypsy Heart Tour. (@MileyCyrus)

Miley Cyrus – 2011 Twitter Photo Gallery



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