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Glee and Masterchef Twitter Mashup

Posted by on May 17, 2011 at 9:44 AM EST

masterchef gleeWhat happens when fans of both Glee and Masterchef get bored?

They take to Twitter and create #gleesterchef which pays homage to both Glee and Masterchef. It’s quite funny, as you will see below the tweet happy junkies have started replacing common celebrities / song lyrics with food! I know that a brand new episode of Glee Season 2 is tonight but Masterchef US doesn’t premiere until June; I guess they are pulling the trigger early. [it could also reference Masterchef Australia which is going on currently]

While Gleeks gear up for tonight’s “Funeral” episode of Glee, Masterchef fans are busy creating food happy tweets. Here are a couple examples of the latest twitter craze using the #gleesterchef:

“Sting: Every Broth You Make.”

“it’s pie day, pie day, stealing little sauces on pie day, everybody’s looking forward to the gravy…”

“and I was like gravy, gravy, gravy oh!”

“Rihanna – M&M’s”

“‘Fry til’ I die.’ – Tupac ‘Salt’ Shakur”

As you can see, the Glee and Masterchef madness has spread like wildfire. There are a ton more songs converted to food lyrics on Twiiter, just search #gleesterchef and tweet it to keep the trend alive.



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