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Lady Gaga is Cruella De Vil (PHOTO)

Posted by on May 10, 2011 at 3:36 PM EST

lady gaga cruella de vilIs Lady Gaga preparing for an upcoming role in a new 101 Dalmatians movie?

Could Lady Gaga be preparing for an upcoming gig as Cruella De Vil? Gaga was spotted out recently dawning a new look, black and white hair! It really looks like she is off to start filming a brand new 101 Dalmations movie with her role being the evil puppy wearing villain!

While there are no reports whatsoever that Lady Gaga will be playing Cruella De Vil or that there is even a new 101 Dalmations movie being made. When I first saw the Gaga’s new black/white hair-do, Cruella immediately popped into my head. I know Gaga has dressed as Devil for Halloween before and it’s clear she is in love with the character. Come on Disney! Throw Lady Gaga a bone and cast her in a new film!

What do you all think? Does Lady Gaga look like Cruella De Vil? Would she make a good villain in a new 101 Dalmations movie? Comment below and enjoy the picture comparison! (far left is from 2010, far right is recent)



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