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Miley Cyrus’ Antiques Road Show

Posted by on May 10, 2011 at 1:53 PM EST

miley cyrus argentinaMiley Cyrus searches for bargains on her Antiques Road Show!

Miley Cyrus was spotted taking a break from her Gypsy Heart Tour as she perused an antique store in Buenos Aires. Miley has admitted that her Spanish is sub par, but she definitely seems to have the right idea in immersing herself in the culture!

The antique store was in San Telmo, and the pop star looked enraptured as she sifted through the treasures the store offered. In some photos, however, Miley Cyrus looks a bit down…This could have something to do with missing home. In fact Miley tweeted about being homesick, saying, “If there was one day I could fly back to LA and make it home for the show it would be today 🙁 my two bestfriends b-days! Bless may 9th.”

“Antiquing” isn’t a common hobby for the average 18 year old, but Miley Cyrus is far from average. For example, this recent Mother’s Day, Miley received a great gift from her mom! Hello opposite world! Miley tweeted her appreciation, “‘This has been the best M-Day ever @TishCyrus1 I love u so much! I don’t know many people that would sit and scrub MY body on THEIR day! :)”

For now, Miley Cyrus is touring South America, but she will be changing up continents and seeing the Land Down Under in June!



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