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Chris Brown Celebrates Birthday, Turns 22 Years Old

Posted by on May 5, 2011 at 10:16 AM EST

chris brownFor those of you that care, today is Chris Brown’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Chris Brown! For you avid fans of the woman beater singer, today Mr. Brown turns 22-years-old. Honestly, I thought he was a lot older and while his age doesn’t justify his actions against Rihanna, he still has time to change. Lindsay Lohan is a perfect example of that that somehow she still has fans, despite all the madness she is going through. Let’s not get off topic though, today is all about Chris Brown (for himself and his fans).

Will you wish Chris Brown a happy birthday today? I have to say I was a little hesitant when writing this article as I am not a fan, at all. That being said, I know that despite the Rihanna beating and recent GMA outburst, Chris still has an avid fan base. For those of you that fall into that category, I felt it only right to wish Chris Brown a Happy Birthday and hope that at the age of 22, he finally grows up.



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  1. Fuck you asshole Tim Smith!!! Hope you die stupid prick!

  2. Tim Smith of Robot Celeb is a negative instigating individual. Jerk – Get over it. I’ll never come back to this site ever!

  3. Do you guys have battered housewife syndrome or something? You sound like a woman who is trying to defend a guy who just beat her.

  4. Why are yall still on that old stuff?? Yall have no life and trying to STILL destroy another person’s life. If you are soooo better than this man and make no mistakes then SAY SOMETHING, but we’re all human therefore we all make mistakes. Now rotate on that!!!!!

  5. “I have to say I was a little hesitant when writing this article as I am not a fan, at all.”

    If you are not a fan and dont give a damn about him, then why bother to write about him… duh!!

    Tim Smith: you need to sort out your priorities..

  6. “Love is blind to faults, but HATE is blind to virtues”
    After reading your article Mr. Smith, I only wish that after hesitating that you would have had the journalistic integrity to let someone else write the article. Your HATE of Chris Brown was so obvious that it literally permeated every word. You give new definition to the expression “poison pen”. There are many people who care and truly wish Chris Brown a happy birthday. Today, as the new Billboard Chart was released, Chris has the Number 1 R and B Song, the Number 1 Rap Song, the Number 1 R and B Album, the Number 2 Ringtone, the Number 2 Dance Chart hit and a Top 10 Hot 100 Song and Billboard 200 album. Also, a trending topic on Twitter HappyBirthdayChrisBrown. Not, everyone is a HATER!!!! (sideeye to Tim Smith)

  7. What are you people smoking? He writes about Chris Brown because this is a CELEBRITY site. If you want journalistic integrity go read a major news network site. Celebrity blogs are about reporting on events AND stating your opinion so it doesn’t read like a boring ABC report. And no amount of #1 hits will ever make Chris Brown less of a scumbag woman beater.

    • Millions of women love Chris, so your comment means nothing. Chris is true champion, someone who was knocked down and came back better.

      • From what I remember Rihanna was the one knocked down lol. Chris Brown maybe came back BITTER but certainly not better. You should be ashamed of yourself supporting an abuser like that. It’s women like you that keep the cycle of abuse going.

  8. I am def wishing Breezy a Happy Birthday despite Tim Smith’s ignorant hatred for a situation that he knows nothing about. no one was there but Breezy and Lucifer (Rihanna) so its hearsay period. LET IT GO!

  9. this site is just so immature i mean its his birthday give him a break for even just for the dayy

  10. Happy Birthday Chris!! Even the haters cant stop talking about you so you’re doing something RIGHT!!
    Happy22BdayCB CincoDeBreezy #happybirthdayChrisBrown

  11. Happy Birthday Chris!! I remember when he was just 15 years old!

    • 15 years old….that means he is…lemme get my calculator. Dang, i forgot that chris brown beat it up.
      Just kidding i love him 🙂

  12. fuck you tim smith

  13. Happy Birthday Chris! Don’t mind the haters. They just don’t think beating up women is cool. All of us are totally ok with that. Go Women Beating!

    • Shhhhyeah! As long as you don’t hurt me…you know. I’ll kill you if you kill me first…wait. Does that make sense? Sorry, I was just watching you beat up my friend.

  14. fuck u tim smith how u go wish chris brown a happy birthday kno how old he is and u not a fan at all and that rihaanna shit is old as a bitch so kiss my fucking ass u hoe I LOVE CHRIS BROWN AND FOREVER WILL!


  16. you guys are soo mouthy litterly.

  17. happy birthday !!!!!!!!chris

  18. Chris dnt wory about tht stupd people tht said those bad thngs about u buddy. Nobody is perfct evn if u try! Evrythng hapens 4 a reason….hope it was a good one. May God bless. I LuV U! U 2 RiRi

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