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Chrissy Teigen versus Avril Lavigne

Posted by on April 26, 2011 at 11:20 AM EST

chrissy teigenMeow!  Wow, Cat Fight Alert

The Sports Illustrated model (Chrissy Teigen) who is the girlfriend to John Legend has some harsh words for Avril Lavigne.  The model took to Twitter and let it all out, holding back no punches.  She tweeted, “If u told me I could have 1 kid, but it would be exactly like avril, I would choose to have a barren, sterile existence that ends when I die.”  The Norwegian model, Chrissy Teigen, tweeted this on Sunday afternoon.  She also tweeted how she likes food a lot and modeling a little.  She also said she likes her dog and her boyfriend somewhere in between.  Is this girl on something?  Maybe too much ex-lax has messed with her brain.

Chrissy Teigen also tweeted “Watching an avril lavigne interview.  The second most painful thing I have watched today after “the goods.”  Teigen seems to have a problem with the Goods star Jeremy Piven as well.  She’s just not twicking (tweeting and picking) just those two celebs.  She has also dissed Gwyneth Paltrow saying she wants her cookbook for the recipes, but not to read any of the stories and that she feels bad for the star, kind of.

Do you think Avril Lavigne will give it back to her?  In my mind, if these two came to blows, Avril would win hands down.  But this girl Teigen seems to be trashy if you ask me.  Why step down to her level?  Don’t do it Avril.  This girl is trash.  John Legend, kick her to the curb, wouldya?



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