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Nicholas Cage versus Alice Kim

Posted by on April 18, 2011 at 4:49 PM EST

nicolas cage alice kimNICOLAS CAGE – IN THE CAGE

Nicholas Cage boozes it up in New Orleans this weekend and gets arrested!  Cage was captured on video arguing with his wife and taunting the police early on Saturday in the French Quarter.  He was charged with domestic abuse, disturbing the peace, and public drunkenness.

Cage and his third wife, Alice Kim, where on the corner of the street in the French Quarter arguing loudly, just after midnight.  Nicolas Cage appeared intoxicated and grabbed his wife’s arm and tried to guide her into a house.  It just so happens, it was the wrong house.  His wife refused, and he grabbed her again by the arm sparking a passerby to flag down the police.

Cage slammed the hood of several parked cars and tried to get into a taxi.  The cops ordered him to stop.  That’s when Cage became belligerent and the police arrested him.  Cage took a very disheveling mug shot and spent about 12 hours in police custody.  He posted $11,000 bond and was released.  Alice Kim does not want her husband charged and is reputing the charges of domestic abuse.

Nicolas Cage has been in the news lately because of owing the government for back taxes and having to foreclose on some of his many properties that he owns. He was also forced to sell a castle that he owned in Germany as well as a private island in the Bahamas worth $7 million.



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