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Casey Abrams & Haley Reinhart Dating?

Posted by on April 15, 2011 at 12:37 PM EST

casey abrams haley reinhartAmerican Idol’s two “jazzy” contestants Casey Abrams & Haley Reinhart might soon be a couple!

It seems as though there was some undeniable flirting going on backstage between Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams last night.  The two performed a duet on American Idol last night and it seems that love is in the air. Are the two Idol hopefuls dating?

The American Idol contestants have been living together for weeks now.  It’s no surprise that love would blossom somewhere, sometime.  Rumors have been buzzing about the two single contestants and their affection for each other.  According to sources, they weren’t hiding it last night.  During a commercial break, after her performance, Kelly Clarkson took some pictures with judges Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.  Instead of staying on the couch and hoping to snap a moment with the star, Casey Abrams went across the stage to give Haley Reinhart a pep talk.  She had just learned that she was in the bottom three.  They gave each other a tight hand squeeze before Casey crossed the stage again back over to the couch.   Once Paul McDonald and Stefano Langone were told they were also in the bottom three, the show went to another commercial, and this time it was Haley who made a beeline across the stage to meet with Casey.  Casey tried to get her to sit on his lap, but that didn’t work.  He attempted to touch her wherever he could and kept a steady eye on her.

Once Haley Reinhart was deemed safe, it was Casey Abrams’ reaction that spoke louder than words.  It seemed as if his hands were going to fly off of his arms from the exuberance of his clapping.  He looked very relieved.



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