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50 Cent on Crack!

Posted by on May 27, 2010 at 1:34 AM EST

No, he’s not really on crack, 50 Cent dropped weight for a role in the upcoming film  ‘Things Fall Apart’. When I first saw these pictures of 50 Cent I thought he’d contracted the HIV! He’s nearly unrecognizable.

Luckily the weight loss was intentional. 50 Cent will play a football player that is diagnosed with cancer in the upcoming film. The rapper turned actor was 214 pounds before he went on the crash diet and is now 160 pounds. He went on a liquid diet and walked on a treadmill for three hours a day. 50 says he was starving but now that he’s back on tour he’s eating again and will be back in shape in n o time. He also added that while dieting he craved Chili’s baby back ribs.

‘Things Fall Apart’ is currently wrapping up filming in Michigan. No word yet when the movie will be released.



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