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Nicki Minaj: Black Lady Gaga?

Posted by on March 29, 2011 at 12:59 PM EST

black lady gagaBlack Lady Gaga is trending on Twitter and everyone thinks it is Nicki Minaj.

Black Lady Gaga trends on Twitter causing quite the confusion for Lady Gaga fans as they attempt to figure out what it means; Nicki Minaj reference perhaps? It’s pretty entertaining to watch the tweets spread like wildfire as people try to figure out the cryptic twitter trend. As with several other weird trends in the past, it could quite simply be a TwitPic of a “black” person dressed as Lady Gaga. Of course it could be referencing the fact that Lady Gaga supports “Friday” singer Rebecca Black or it may be linked to Nicki Minaj who some say is the black Lady Gaga.

It’s a freaking Twitter mystery and honestly I have no clue what Black Lady Gaga actually means. All three of the explanations sound reasonable to me as Gaga does support Rebecca Black, Nicki Minaj is pretty out there, much like Lady Gaga and I am sure somewhere there is a TwitPic of a “black” Lady Gaga. I can usually deliver a definitive answer to the bizarre Twitter trends but this one has thrown me for a loop. I guess we can just use our imagination and keep guessing what in the hell Black Lady Gaga actually means.



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