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Jackie Chan Dies: RIP Death Rumor!

Posted by on March 29, 2011 at 10:39 AM EST

jackie chan deathJackie Chan (56-years-old) died online today; marking another 2011 celebrity death.

Jackie Chan died online today as Twitter trends with RIP Jackie Chan which sparked the death rumor. Chan (56-years-old) is not as young as Jaden Smith (12-years-old) who died last week as well, but that hasn’t stopped him from falling victim to a death rumor. When a celebrity such as Jackie Chan dies online, it is best to confirm the death with a real news outlet before you believe it.

That being said, Jackie Chan dies is just another stupid death rumor to add to the long list of celebrities that have died online in 2011. Jackie Chan is NOT dead, he is very much alive and well. The whole RIP Jackie Chan trend on Twitter is just a hoax; don’t believe it!



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