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Rebecca Black Dies: YouTube Star Death Rumor

Posted by on March 27, 2011 at 7:31 PM EST

rebecca black deathRebecca Black died as the “Friday” star receives her first death hoax.

Rebecca Black died online today as a death rumor has killed off the wildly hated “Friday” star. 13-year-old Rebecca Black, YouTube sensation, allegedly died to unknown causes as she becomes the latest “celebrity” to meet their demise online. As we reported last week, Jaden Smith (Will Smith’s son) was also the victim of a death hoax as Twitter flooded with the false news. Honestly, Black should be happy that a death rumor has been started about her; she has made it to the big leagues!

Rebecca Black joins the long list of celebrities (Adam Sandler, Eddie Murphy, Charlie Sheen, Justin Bieber) who have died via Twitter and other social media networks. I know a lot of people are angry at Black because of the horrible song “Friday” but that is no excuse to make up false death rumors. The poor girl is 13-years-old and is pretty brilliant if you ask me; don’t be jealous that she has turned crap into gold. Again, Rebecca Black died is just an online death rumor and the YouTube sensations is not dead, she is still very much alive.



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  1. Nope, she’s dead.

  2. Nope, she’s dead.

  3. Rebecca: Hey guys im alive! *thump*
    Me: Not anymore…

  4. Nah I kid. Yeah her song isnt really good, its no reason to hate, or even threat.

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