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Good Morning America: Chris Brown Round Two!

Posted by on March 23, 2011 at 1:36 PM EST


So this morning on Good Morning America, they mentioned about the “incident” that occurred yesterday after Chris Brown was interviewed on the morning show.  It was reported that Chris Brown had a fit after Robin Roberts conducted an interview with the singer and asked him several questions regarding the time he beat Rihanna.  You could tell during the interview he did not want to talk about it, although it’s Good Morning America’s policy to discuss what will be talked about before the actual interview with all of their guests.

Reports were flying around that Chris Brown went into a rage after he was interviewed and performed on Good Morning America. He apparently threw a chair into a window, shattering it.  So this morning, Robin Roberts and David Muer dicussed it on air. They showed the shattered window, and all of the news reports that were being broadcast.  The hosts said that they were completely unaware of his tantrum that was happening while they were closing the show, and that they were praising the performance he had just finished.  Robin was the first to interview Chris after the sentencing for his crime against Rihanna.  She said that he was very gracious to her, seemed very genuine and apologetic.  She is surprised at his behavior on the show yesterday.

They took it one step further to say that they would love to have the singer back on the show, interview him again, and Good Morning America has already reached out to extend the invitation to Chris Brown.  They have not had a response yet.  If you ask me, this guy can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.  Gracious, my butt.  This guy should have all of his fame and fortune stripped from him.  He has no respect from me, and is an arrogant piece of garbage.  He behaved in the manner he behaved in, and I’m not saying people don’t change, or shouldn’t be forgiven, but if you show no remorse or act like a total idiot about it, GIMME A BREAK!



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  1. Again I ask… who are you judgemental people!!! The way you all speak, sounds like you think your GOD!!! As far I know he is the ONLY perfect person I know!!! Have you EVER made a mistake!!! I AM SOOOOO SICK OF YOU BLOGGERS are whatever you are.. So what if you dont forgive him! He doesnt need your forgiveness!!! GET A DAMN LIFE & let this young man lives his!!!

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