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Nate Dogg Death Yahoo Fail

Posted by on March 16, 2011 at 2:03 PM EST

nate dogg yahoo failYahoo fails and posts picture of Warren G for Nate Dogg death story.

Yahoo Fail is running rampant on Twitter as the search engine mistakingly posted a picture of Warren G for their Nate Dogg death article…woops. To be honest I didn’t even think yahoo existed anymore and I am guessing this is why. I mean how can you mistake Warren G for Nate Dogg…especially when its about a death!

I have the picture which shows Warren G right above the Nate Dogg death article on Yahoo’s main page. Enjoy this epic Yahoo Fail while it lasts and continue the trend on Twitter. If you aren’t already, you should probably switch to Google, it tends to have a little less fail with its stories.

Rest in Peace Nate Dogg who died at the age of 41.



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