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Adam Sandler Died: Dead Again Via Death Rumor

Posted by on March 16, 2011 at 1:53 PM EST

adam sandler deadAdam Sandler has died again via Twitter death rumor.

Adam Sandler dead hits Twitter like a wild brush fire as the actor has died once more, courtesy of a Twitter death rumor. Let’s make this one short and simple as Nate Dogg did actually die today and we should all be remembering him, not making up phony rumors. Adam Sandler died is just a hoax, he is not dead despite the current trend on Twitter.

Much like the previous Adam Sandler death rumors, people are claiming that he died in a snowboarding accident. You can at least change the story up a little bit, I mean come on. For those of you that are gullible enough to believe that Adam Sandler died, I feel sorry for you.

Once again Adam Sandler is NOT dead, its just another stupid Twitter rumor by some loser with no life.



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