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GIVE ME A BREAK! Charlie & Kacey Edition

Posted by on March 15, 2011 at 3:38 PM EST

kacey jordanGive Me A Break! March 15, 2011: Charlie Sheen and Kacey Jordan.

I’ll be starting an article called Give Me a Break.  This will be dedicated to all of the nut jobs, absurd-goings on, and unreasonable things celebrities and the infamous are up to. On today’s menu: Charlie sheen and Kacey Jordan.

The media is FILLED with Charlie Sheen these days.  The latest in the Sheen saga is that Kacey Jordan, the porn star that Sheen paid $30,000 to party with during the most recent infamous weekend bender in January, had been hospitalized on Monday night.  This happened in Chicago, where he has allegedly attempted suicide.  Jordan tweeted about the suicide attempt. Give Me A Break!

Was Kacey Jordan looking for help or do you think this was a publicity stunt on her end?  Sources from the Chicago law enforcement said they found Jordan in her room the Peninsula Hotel with prescription pill bottles, broken glass, and alcohol surrounding her.  She had cuts and scrapes on her arms.  The police deemed her suicide messages on Twitter a publicity stunt.  Jordan grabbed a corkscrew bottle opener, attempted to run out of the room to cut herself, but police were able to subdue her.  They took her to a nearby hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

During the day of her suicide attempt, Kacey Jordan tweeted about doing cocaine and drinking Kentucky bourbon before her morning pedicure.  Thoughout the day, her tweets became more and more alarming.  She thanked her followers on Twitter for alerting the hotel and the police department and tweeted that she was very bored in the hospital and was waiting for someone to save her.  Charlie Sheen maybe?  Give me a break!



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