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Blake Shelton Tweets Head First Into Hot Water

Posted by on May 26, 2010 at 6:47 PM EST

blake sheltonCountry singer Blake Shelton has caused quite a stir over his recent tweet about Chely Wright. Blake tweeted late last night about Chely’s recent claim to to being a lesbian,  stating: “Sooo….. Chely Wright just came out. Guess this opens the door… I Blake Shelton am a lesbian.”

Of course this controversial tweet sparked an outrage amongst the twitter community. Some fans voiced their opinions directly with tweets of their own while others just un-followed the country mega-star.

Blake went on to tell the Twitter his statement was in fact a compliment and not meant to degrade Chely Wright for being a lesbian. He is even quoted saying “I don’t care if Chely Wright is gay. I think she’s hot!!!” which to me does not help his situation at all.

Everyone just needs to calm down and not blow things out of proportion. If Blake says it was a compliment then let’s take his word for it.  Follow Blake Shelton on Twitter for some more controversial and downright hilarious tweets.



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