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iPad 3 Specs Leak

Posted by on March 7, 2011 at 2:44 PM EST

ipad 3Apple iPad 3 specs leak online.

Waiting for the iPad 3 specs to leak online? Perhaps you are searching high and low for a release date on the mythical third generation Apple tablet? You better give up now as it looks like the iPad 2 will be all you crazed fans will be getting this year. Don’t worry, if I actually cared about Apple products I would be just as bummed as you all are.

It’s clear that the recent iPad 2 was rushed out to stop the Motorola XOOM from a hostile takeover. Many Apple lovers thought that the iPad 3 would be a couple months behind and boast specs to actually drool over. That doesn’t seem to be the case as 2011 is dubbed “the year of the iPad 2.” Sorry suckers, it looks like you will have to wait till next year for the iPad 3 specs and release date. That is of course unless somehow the info leaks online…it could happen.

When in fact Apple releases the iPad 3, fans will undoubtedly be caught in the voodoo that goes along with Apple products. The iPad 3 will contain outdated specs and minor upgrades from the iPad 2 but the sheep will still buy it. Companies should really learn Apple’s dark art of voodoo as it clearly works.

I highly suggest you go out and buy a Motorola XOOM and experience Android 3.0!



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