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Heat Crying; Charlie Sheen Winning

Posted by on March 7, 2011 at 1:07 PM EST

heat cryingHeat Crying trends after players of the Miami Heat lose and shed tears.

The Miami Heat played the Chicago Bulls last night and lost…again, thus sparking the Heat Crying trend. LeBron James and the Miami Heat have obviously not read Charlie Sheen’s book on “Winning” as they lost yet another game last night. It is said after their terrible game, players of the team CRIED! Oh man, grown ass men crying…where in the hell is the video?

Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra leaked to the media that some of his players (LeBron James?) were in fact crying in the locker room. That ladies and gentlemen is where the trend Heat Crying has spawned from. We need to get Charlie Sheen to Miami A.S.A.P. and let him sprinkle some of his tigerblood into the Heat players Gatorade.

To all of those Heat Crying players, suck it up you sissies. You are getting paid millions of dollars to dribble a ball back and worth. I look forward to seeing an episode of Sheen’s Korner discussing #winning for those babies down in Miami…so much for King James. Might as well rename him Crybaby James or Queen James.



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  1. hey do yo have permission to sell that photo for a nice sized frame. I would love to have this picture in a frame in my office it would make me laugh everyday.

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