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Charlie Sheen Oscars 2011

Posted by on March 4, 2011 at 1:13 PM EST

charlie sheen oscars 2011Charlie Sheen was #WINNING at the Oscars 2011 in his own mind.

Charlie Sheen Oscars 2011 is a subject the actor clearly addressed via Twitter. The actor wasn’t nominated for an Oscar and did not attend the Academy Awards but he was clearly #WINNING in his own mind. Sheen took to his newly formed account and posted a hilarious TwitPic of his very own Oscar cake.

The Charlie Sheen Oscars 2011 picture on Twitter is pretty damn hilarious. It looks like Charlie Sheen is holding up a cake that has an Oscar award on it “Oscars 2011” at the bottom and Sheen’s head is on the statue. It is clear that Sheen is one part crazy, one part genius. I hope the tweeting shenanigans continue as I love following everyone’s favorite #WINNING actor.

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