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The Apprentice: Liz or Dave Getting Fired Tonight, Our Predictions

Posted by on September 30, 2010 at 7:32 PM EST

the-apprentice-predictionsWho will get the “Your Fired” tonight on The Apprentice? Here’s our predictions for who gets fired next.

Tonight’s new episode of The Apprentice is shaping up to the be the most explosive episode so far this season. When Donald Trump tells the teams that they are to run competing hotels for dogs the contestants face a pretty big challenge. They have to do everything from getting customers to actually caring for the dogs. It looks like the biting that the contestants will have to look out for doesn’t come from the dogs, but from each other.

On The Apprentice men’s team James is the project manager. He and David clearly don’t like each other and judging by the previews it looks like the pot of hot water that has been their always volatile relationship finally boils over. At one point the arguing between them is so out of control that James benches David. He would rather do this task with one fewer person than to deal with David. It looks like David then sets out to make sure the guys lose.

Predictions for tonight’s The Apprentice can be difficult since a lot of the outcome of the competitions depends on the experience of the team members. If one team member has experience in that area it can be a huge advantage for that team. Here is how I see it breaking down. Neither team has an easy time. The groups will be tasked with some pretty challenging and gross jobs. It will be a frustrating experience for both. If the women lose I think Liza is gone. So far she seems to be the one everyone is at odds with on every challenge. If you are the one causing problems on one challenge, it can just be a coincidence. When it happens in every challenge it is usually a red flag. Liza will have a tough time surviving if the women lose.

If the men lose I think David will be fired. He is arrogant, but more importantly he is self-serving. A little bit of selfishness is business is good, but if Donald Trump finds out that David tried to sabotage the project just to get James fired he won’t stand for it. James is a lawyer and knows how to deal with people who don’t like him and are uncooperative. I think he will plead a better case in front of Trump and ultimately Trump will decide he would rather keep the somewhat dry, but rational guy over the hot head who throws a fit if he doesn’t get his way.

Tune in tonight, as The Apprentice Season 10 will return at 10/9c on NBC.



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