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Confessions: Animal Hoarding tonight on Animal Planet

Posted by on August 25, 2010 at 8:24 PM EST

Confessions: Animal Hoarding tonight on Animal Planetanimal-planet-confessions-animal-hoarding.

The series premier of Confessions: Animal Hoarding on introduces us to two people, Bonnie and Don who are animal hoarders. Their families and friends worry about their health as the live in homes filled with animals which never leave the house. The animals urinate and defecate everywhere. These pets have become more important to these two people than anything else in the world and it is destroying their lives.

Animal hording is having more pets than you can care for combined with the failure to see the negative impacts on both the animals and humans involved. Most cases of animal hording go untreated until it becomes a crime.

Bonnie sees every animal as a gift from God and will go without food for herself if it means that she can adopt another dog or cat. Don is an ex-con who has slowly rebuilt his post-prison life. He has gotten married and started down a positive path only to be derailed by his obsessive need to rescue cats. Bonnie and Don take us along for the ride as they struggle with their emotions, health, families and even the legal system while dealing with their illness.

Confessions: Animal Hoarding follows these two as they try to deal with their illness with the help of friends, family and experts. We have all known, or at least have heard about, the crazy cat lady that lives in our town or city. She is the lonely woman who never leaves the house and has 50 cats running wild. Confessions: Animal Hoarding promises to tear the facade off of the stories and revel the deep seeded problems these people face as they struggle to get help.

Watch Confessions: Animal Hoarding on Animal Planet tonight at 8pm EST (Flossie and Christine
), and again at 9 pm EST (Jackie and Shelley).



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