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Ashley Elizabeth Durham won the Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2006 title in October 2005 representing Adamsville. She is the fifth Miss Tennessee Teen USA titleholder to win the Miss Tennessee USA pageant. Durham graduated from Adamsville Jr/Sr High School in 2008, where she was a varsity cheerleader. She currently attends University of Memphis on an honors scholarship. She majors in journalism and is an active member of Alpha Gamma Delta.

Ashley Elizabeth Durham was the runner up in the Miss USA 2011 pageant.

Titles: Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2006 and Miss Tennessee USA 2011

Ashley Elizabeth Durham Fun Facts:

Age: 21
Birthday: April 9, 1990
Astrological Sign: Aries
Height: 5'9"
Home Town: Adamsville, Tennessee

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  1. I think that Ashley gave all of America something to admire; Both from her physical God Given Beauty…. And also her Love for America and It’sFfreedoms. She was my WINNER; So guess what America…. 2012 is coming soon! Hopefully Ashley will try again; She’s got my Vote…. Praise God! Keep on smilin’ and keepin’ it wrapped up in those beautiful Lil’ Candy Wrappers; Miss Ashley…. You are the BEST! God Bless YOU GIRL!

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