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Adam Poch was born to be a leader and a very friendly guy, has a lot of friends so it’s easy for him to friends with other contestant. Adam is afraid of large barking dogs. The most difficulty experience that he has experience during his stay at Big Brother was no music, no TV, no concerts to attend, and no sports. His favorite activities are Concerts, dining out, movies, TV, Broadway plays, hanging with friends and traveling. He can eat a XXL pizza just by himself. Been working for a company for more 15 years is the accomplishment that he has proud of. Mott in life is Worry about the things you can control and deal with the things you can’t.

Occupation: Music Inventory Manager

Three adjectives that describe Adam: Funny, loud and cuddly

Adam Poch Fun Facts:

Age: 39
Birthday: N/A
Astrological Sign: N/A
Height: N/A
Home Town: East Brunswick, NJ

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