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What is Robot Celeb? Why a Robot? What does a Robot have to do with entrainment news? These are all very good questions, and I’ll answer them for you right now. First off, let me start by saying, Robot Celeb is a great online resource for finding out the latest in Entertainment News. We have a staff of writers that has a passion for writing about TV, Movies, Music, and yes, even Celebrity Gossip. We not only give you the facts, we also cut through the BS to give you the real story. Now on to all your burning questions.

What is Robot Celeb? Robot Celeb is a news website that is dedicated to Entertainment News. We work hard to provide the latest news stories on current entertainment stories. We give you the news, we give you the gossip, and we give you important dates to mark on your calendars!

Why a Robot? We love robots. Maybe not the kind that work on assembly lines, but the kind that are in cartoons and dance really bad. They entertain us, actually they make us laugh. We also think they are kinda nerdy and awesome. But aren’t Robots boring and monotonous? Not our robots. Think of Bender from Futurama meets Astro from The Jetsons meets CP3O and R2D2 from Star Wars….I think you get the picture. We are some awesome robots. Beep!

What does a Robot have to do with entertainment news? Everything! It takes a robot to wade thought the piles of human excrement that we call Entertainment News, and give you only the best in news. That same robot can also then deliver up the freshest of gossip. Robots can multitask, that means they can compute more than our feeble human brains can. Making them the perfect Celebrity News Hosts!

Robot Celeb’s Contributors:

Jay D. Cole – Editor in Chief

Tim Smith – Editor/Contributor

Jeff Kane – Contributor

Trixie Hammer – Contributor